For Grade 9 & any other grades

A child’s career development is essential.

Individual Packages


Consultation session

  • Subject choice and career counselling
  • To gain understanding on the child’s career development needs and future studies.
  • This session is for both the child and parent for 50mins

Subject choice assessment

  • 2 hour aptitude testing session to measure:
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal
  • Mechanical
  • Spatial
  • Career tool Kit (Free)A toolkit that helps your teen to make informed career choices and develop a career plan.

School Packages:

The packages below are only available for schools. Your school can contact us for more details.

Option A:

  • Aptitude Testing (2 hours)
  • Group Counselling session
  • Does not include career toolkit

Option B: 

  • Aptitude Testing (2 hours)
  • Group Counselling session
  • Includes career toolkit
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