Zeolite Mineral Soaking Salts- Stimulating 900g



Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that provides a range of health benefits both internally and externally. It is the only substance in the world that can effectively cleanse a wide range of toxins from your body. Scientific evidence shows that zeolite can provide life-changing benefits to your health from its detoxing properties. Zeolite strengthens  your immune system. Contains: Zeolite, Epsom Salts, Himalayan Salts, Bicarbonate of soda and Non-iodated Sea Salt blended with Ylang Ylang, Rose & Lavender pure essential oils.

Health Benefits

• Detoxifier.
• Alkalises your body.
• Strengthens the Immune system.
• Blocks oxidative damage.
• Supports a healthy gut.
• May improve mood.
• Protects the body from harmful microboes
• Cleans & protects skin.
• May lower blood lipids and glucose.
• May protect the brain and liver.


Bath: Add 4-8 table spoons salts to bath water and for feet: 2-4 table spoons salts to tub/bucket.

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