People sympathise with you when you are depressed. They tend to develop anxiety when they are around you🤔 they are afraid of what can trigger you (words). You can start losing friends when people start avoiding you. They suddenly become “very” busy to visit or pick up your calls. They feel like they don’t want to listen to your sad stories or negativity. Then you start sinking deeper into loneliness, thoughts, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, sadness. Firstly, you need to know that you are not the only one who is struggling with depression. While you’re on your own you need to know, “You’re not alone in this fight”.


You can bring yourself back to the light by developing a resilient mind. Resilience helps you to reduce pressure and the impact of depression on your life and well-being.
It is the ability to bounce back and cope with various challenges and still have a balance in life.

Here’s the thing. How you “think” affects how you “feel” and how you “act” and vice-versa.
The most important step is to learn
1. Cognitive resilience (being in charge of your mind)
2. Emotional resilience (being in control of your feelings and emotions)
3. Action resilience (being in control of your actions)
RESILIENCE helps you to stop unhelpful solutions such as drugs, alcohol, violence, self-harm or even suicide.

We will start by looking at Cognitive Resilience in the next post. Stay connected.

P. Rupondo (MCP Psy, BSc Hon. Psy)
Specialist Mental Health Practitioner
Clinical Psychologist

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