Auxilium Health Pty Ltd was established in 2012. We started with a simple idea of helping people to realise that having a good mental health is the essential core of one’s being. Over the years, Auxilium Health has continued to grow into a strengthened diverse, driving force that facilitates mental health, wellness programmes and psycho-social support services. We are a dynamic and people centred organisation that facilitates counselling and psychological services from a holistic approach.


We values:

  • Quality and proficiency in the delivery of all our services
  • Auxilium Health has respect for the diversity of individuals, groups, their cultures, languages, lifestyles, identities, ideologies, intellectual capacities, personalities, and capabilities to expand learning and understanding opportunities
  • Providing services and addressing issues from a holistic approach
  • The potential of every human being to transform and to continue to learn throughout their lifespan, formally or informally.
  • Virtuous relationships as the basis of development, growth and transformation
  • An emphasis on prevention of mental health problems through education, intervention, and outreach
  • Empowerment through education to provide knowledge and help people to make informed decisions and choices

Why Book with Us:

  • Secure booking
  • Passionate people centred service
  • Best service fees guranteed
  • Registered professionals
  • Unique holistic approach to wellness

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