About Us


Welcome to Auxilium Health


We started with a simple idea of helping people to realise that having a good mental health is the essential core of one’s being. Over the years, Auxilium Health has continued to grow into a strengthened diverse, driving force that facilitates mental health, people services and development and training.


Our mission is to provide a holistic comprehensive service in mental health, people services and development and training that fosters and sustains growth for all our service users.

Why Choose Us?


Auxilium Health has respect for the diversity of individuals, groups, their cultures, languages, lifestyles, identities, ideologies, intellectual capacities, personalities, and capabilities to expand learning and understanding opportunities.

Quality and proficiency in the delivery of all our services
Provision of services from a holistic approach
An emphasis on prevention of mental health problems through education, intervention, and outreach
The potential of every human being to transform and to continue to learn throughout their lifespan, formally or informally.
Virtuous relationships as the basis of development, growth and transformation
Empowerment through education to provide knowledge and help people to make informed decisions and choices