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About Us


We started with a simple idea: to facilitate therapy that has a holistic positive impact on the lives of other people. We are all about people. Our success comes from the fact that we love what we do and we love making a difference in people’s lives. Together with you, we facilitate therapeutic processes for individuals and groups


Choosing us has many benefits:

  • The application of a positive psychology practice that is based on practical scientific methods of the strengths that enable people solutions
  • The combined facilitate of personal and relational platforms
  • The present –future direction map draws on our clients’ strengths and potential.
  • We believe that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences. Our methods examine how ordinary people, communities and businesses could become more fulfilled through transformation.
  • Our goals maximize health and progress great steps towards the independence, growth and comfort of our clients.
  • Our strategies reduce pathological thoughts / actions found in a despairing mind-set, and encourage psychological thinking that results in positive actions and a sense of optimism.
  • We help clients work through habits, their negative self-images, attitudes, emotions and perceived failures and limitations that hold them back. These essential processes help clients put the past behind and focus on the present positive abilities, attitudes, thinking, emotions and talents.
  • We simply help you to re-wire your pathways to realising who you are and who you want to becomes


We further provide a platform for:


  • Clarity of goals, strategies and direction
  • Understanding of the self or the business and its people
  • A safe environment for you to envision yourself positively to reach beyond your limits
  • Understand your mind and how you work
  • Learning to control yourself, for your environment
  • Learning to manage and control behavioural patterns that limit success such as of quitting, self-sabotage, lack of power and procrastination.
  • The comprehension of your principles, behaviour and beliefs
  • A chance to analyse and overcome fear and to empower your decision
  • Re-discover the boundaries of life and what is stopping you from achieving your goals