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The Mind and Thinking 

Pathological Thinking

This type of thinking as expressed by researchers: does not see itself, cannot see itself, and cannot see other types of thought. When it realises itself, it dissolves coupled with robust feelings. It is motivated by unrecognised emotion.  It does not possess any psychological insight or logical truth. It is only a reaction to some passion of which is emotion. Pathological thinkers speak meaninglessly. Speaking to them or trying to reason with them makes them more susceptible to emotions.  

Psychological Thinking

This type of thinking is rational (sane) and harmonious with one’s emotions. The thinker is very much aware of this. Where there is no awareness thoughts are emotion driven; (pathological thinking), or lack of emotion (logical thinking).

Logical Thinking

This just cold. There is no emotion here. “Robot thinking”. It does not have insight and hierarchy sense. It does not recognise; past it’s a narrow realm. With the basis of rules and qualitative comparisons. It is essential for the instrumental of science and mathematics.