Auxilium Centre

Transformation & Progress


 We provide a broad range of high quality services.


Psychology and Positive Psychology coaching,

Employee Assistance programme - EAP 

Neuro-Linguistic programming - NLP 

Transformation Coaching  

Life Strategy Programme / Life Coaching


Individuals, Groups, Families


Businesses, Personal

We specialise in transformation and progress of both personal and professional lives for all within the 7 dimensions of well-being. We help clients work through habits, their negative self-images, attitudes, emotions and perceived failures and limitations that hold them back. These essential processes help clients put the past behind and focus on the present positive abilities, attitudes, thinking, emotions and talents. We simply help you to re-wire your pathways to realising who you are and who you want to become.
We provide a platform for 
• clarity of goals
• understanding of the self
• a safe environment for you to envision yourself positively to reach beyond your limits
• learning to control yourself
• learning to manage and control patterns of quitting, self-sabotage, lack of power and procrastination.
• the comprehension of your principles, behaviour and beliefs
• a chance to analyse fear to empower your decision
• re-discover the boundaries of life, what is stopping you form achieving your goals

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