Counselling & Psychotherapy

Identification, management of conditions, crisis prevention and intervention of mental health and life problems

Development & Training

Basic and advanced skills development and training for individuals, groups and companies. Research and community support programmes

Specialised People Services

Specialised people services in recruitment, screening, selection and recruitment of a skilled and proficient workforce

Facilitation of therapies for:

Relationships issues, parenting, anger management, chronic illness, marriage and peer counselling
Anxiety , confidence issues, learning difficulties, panic, phobia, life transition
Depression, stress, trauma, addiction, alcohol, substance abuse, emotional issues, teenage issues

TEEN Mental Health CHAMPIONS Speak…….


Mental Health is the Core of our Being
Like a Movie, we ALL have a line -up of emotions, thoughts, and different life problems.

We MUST learn manage, understand and know ourselves, speak and
share with people we trust trust, to have a good mental health.

 What’s your  line up like….?


the B.R.E.A.T.H.E


Young people must Breathe, Relax and Remember that Emotions, Environment, Actions and thoughts Have no power over them so they must Exhale the bad stuff by finding help (B.R.E.AT.H.E).